Sunday, March 02, 2008

teachers and travellers made their mark, they dined and feasted on whale and shark

sooooooooo sick right now, yesterday was THE WORST!

so we went to insomnia to eat, it was crap.

i had to send the grilled calamari back, it was too fishy, and they gave me a huge portion of it (it was an app.) which is a tip-off that it went bad, or is about too. then all nite long i had a queasy stomach and ate 5 pepto bismols and we watched american gangster, longest movie ever. dug it.

this coffee martini, also crap.

i also ordered the prosciutto wrapped asparagus, not bad, you can't really fuck that one up though can you? fil had the danforth pizza, it was meh. i asked what was on it, garbage collected from the streets of the danforth? then we fucked off when this bachelorette party showed up. this should be called the places we eat and will never eat again blog. remind me to tell you about jugo juice at union station.

me right now. phlegmbot.

do you want a picture with the jager girls? yes i mean no, can we have a picture w/o you in it? no? ok fine. lucas looks drunk out of his mind (eyes closed) and i am wearing one of my many winningest outfits.