Tuesday, August 05, 2008

fat day at the beach

this shows up when i call samir. thanks buddy!

a woman joked that this photograph i took would cost me a dollar. yeah, so funny.

sambo and sharpie coincidentally were on the island yesterday.

i can fit that frisbee over my ass and around my waist.

then the gill party arrived to celebrate shane's birthday (gill's man).

yohawn? johanne? something like that, quiet chill dude.

the sun disappeared for an hour and eventually came back with avengeance.


maddy's dad, gill's brother donovan.

sass nap.

volleyball party.

maddy cleared out the surrounding beach, it was most awesome.

claire came too, no pics of her on the beach though, later on at the drake you will see her captured.

trashed blanket.

on our way to the clubhouse to get in on those drink tickets not like i needed any.

see fil and maddy in the distance and the sun breaking through the clouds all heaven-like? siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

ok so some original artists stick this branch into the sand and i say to the dude photographing it during this picture THIS WAS MY IDEA that's great and he goes UH NO! my sarcasm went right over his head.

and might i declare that you are no longer allowed to wear those stupid fucking hats? why not throw some gladiators in for good measure ok?


when we passed this other blanket of skids, sass was complaining about the rocks in the sand hurting her feet and one goes oh please go back to toronto (um we are in toronto right now on this beach you fucking genius) and then save up some money and go to florida and we just gave them a goofy look and i declared YOU ARE SOOOO HILARIOUS! then we keep walking and i turned back and did the ok sign at them and the girl skid does the Loser sign over her forehead. wicked, a dirty chick thinks we are losers. why would you instantly assume over a snippet of conversation that we're beach snobs, fuck you idiot, i love that beach.