Sunday, August 03, 2008

reposado wendi's bday

my only flower *sniff*sniff* all the others bloomed then shriveled up into nothing

i just looked out the window and today it is closed up, at least it's not a dried-up pathetic crumpled flower corpse LIKE MY HEART. yet.

waiting for the elevator there lil buddy? sorry, we take the stairs and no you can't come with us.

little gifty for wendi.


had this poor sod scour loblaws for us to find this and he didn't, fil did, by the rice, oh right makes sense to put only one of all curries on offer by the rice. they're renovating so everything is disorganized. yes this is the loblaws news blog.

emo hung sans shower day.

a million sighs.

very satisfying.

not enough heat though, i'm getting better at this spicy business.

cab to the tequila bar cos that's what you do on a tequila hangover GO GET SOME MORE.

melancholy cast over the long weekend city.

reposado's back patio is a nice little sanctuary - unbelievably uncomfortable low chairs though, my ass is still sore.

our friends are aaaaaaaalways late no matter fucking what.

poor little fing.

blood orange margarita, wicked sour and salty. probably would have enjoyed it more if i didn't have a thousand margaritas the nite previous.

how a bug's life does this look?

so williamsburgy.

at least i nursed this sucker for a good while.

a flock of birds we both missed capturing for the most part.

a woman with a dog and a cat kept going thru the gate past the patio, many many times, we get it you have access to the reposado patio and you have animals, wicked.

fiiiiiiiiinally gill arrives. from now on when she says to meet her at such and such a time i am not leaving the house until 15 minutes after that.

long weekend loner sass showed her face.

the cook was not around, gill was starving, feasted on these homemade chips and onion dip (!!!) for a bit, i helped of course, no will power.

wendi was late too but had a legitimate excuse, caribana crowds, no cab and had to walk from the heart of parkdale.

mango margarita, couldn't tell the difference from it and the blood orange one, save for like one sip when i got a blast of mango flavour, that was it though. v tarty.

kinghorn came to partay. as did travis, no pics of him, my ass was hurting too much to be camera crazy.

oh god more food.

ugggggggggggggh i am so fat right now i just did wii fit and i gained 1.8lbs since three days ago, thanks, i know it's from shotgunning onion rings and that hamburger and margaritas and beers. also the wii scale is way harsher than the one in the bathroom. i'm going back on the strict raymi diet once i finish all my cheese.

fil took his turn and before he started it asked him how raymi looks to him: slimmer, more toned, heavier, the same. he chose slimmer of course. holy shit-disturbing game much?