Thursday, August 07, 2008


neither bell i bought fits on fil's bike. we watched super high me last nite, it was alright, kinda weak, obvs made by stoners. listening to stoners when you're on a drunk is very irritating, like no we are not on the same wavelength right now duuuuude the tone and timing of all your jokes are so not making me laugh right now. but for all you potheads out there, this movie will make you laugh. then we ate the fridge (not much in there) and were still hungry so we rode to ginger for the first time and i noticed a girl staring at me a lot 1. she reads my blog or 2. was just confused by my presence for some reason? STOP LOOKING AT ME EVERY TIME I TURN MY HEAD PLEASE. do you ever get stares? the last thing you are allowed to tell yourself is they so think i'm a babe, it has to be every negative thing BEFORE you are allowed to jump to that conclusion. anyway, staring doesn't jive with me cos i am too neurotic to look at people when out for a stroll, i only steal glances if i know i can get away with it, i don't blatantly ogle them, like said chick was last nite. so not a big deal i know just using it as an example, cos on a few occasions when i'm just standing there minding my own, some chick will come around and bore through my brain with her eyeballs and i always want to ask WHY, not in a rude way, just you know, are you in a crazy right now? moving on oh right i decided to be creepy sleazy romantical to fil all nite long here are some of the things i said YOU ARE SUCH A BREATH OF FRESH AIR and HEY LOVERRRRRRR and ugh i can't even finish i'm about to throw up in my mouth. all things said in wickedly breathy fashion of course *cringe*

today's weather seems like it's going to blow so there's that.

i've also decided i'm no longer putting up with anymore of your guys's shit, don't comment here on some fucking anecdote i wrote about in passing and assume you have it all figured out, stop wasting my time and pissing me off. thank you. if you have nothing intelligent to say that doesn't revolve around how i put some sod in their place (most of the time i'm not even doing that, it's their shitty behaviour i'm highlighting here and i barely get a balanced word in to counter) and how fucking EVIL i am, remove yourself from my comment thread or maybe THINK on it first, because you're a little baby wuss who lets people shit on you in real life and get away with it, doesn't mean everyone else is.

i've strayed too far from the original point of this journal and have allowed all your sensitive-susan's opinions shit up my vision. you know what i mean? i'm not a giant asshole who walks around screaming at people, i merely share stories on my blog about stupid assholes who get my goat cos i find it entertaining, as do many others. i go out in the world and shit either happens to me or around my immediate vicinity and then i friggin' blog about it, simple. if you live in a city and frequently go out, the probability of some jerkoff lipping at you for no good reason is pretty high (and i don't even write about every little thing that occurs) but you wouldn't know that would you from behind your safe little computer desk in suburbia, so stick to your martha stewart crafts webring in the future maybe?