Wednesday, October 01, 2008

bun headache

A++ you guys.

after the focus group today i met up with fil for lunch and then we strolled around the bay for a bit, looking for egg dishes you can put in the stove, almost bought a pair of gordon ramsay ones, didn't but now they are all i can think about. oh right, how is this relevant to my necklaces picture? after that went to UO and almost bought that tree branch jewelry stand then remembered steph's bday is soon so i should get her something instead, which is featured further down this post (i already showed her anyway, i don't do surprises).

why not, it's been'er while.

my local art store has a ton of halloween costumes.

paint refill, canvases are pricier than i remembered, i only bought one. i'll have to go to the place on spadina soon, guuuuuuuuuh.

fil likes me in bun hair more than long, great. i grew that shit out for what now?

can you tell what this is?

some dude in a hurry left this behind, everyone saw, no one stopped to tell him. people are awesome. i only noticed too late.


this is more expensive than the carpaccio, cos of the mozzarella di bufala.

skidfanie's gift:

i bought myself a little present too.

alright bye, i'll tell you about how much of a wise-ass i was today, later.

oh look, another profile on me.