Friday, October 03, 2008

pre-eye makeup, wearing steph's teeny tiny shirt. i think from now on i'm going to keep dressing like jessica simpson hahahaha:

belly tops are in now right? HEY GUYS I FIT IN. half my shirts are already belly tops, but they didn't begin that way if you know what i mean ok fuck this i'm going out.

do you guys ever have a shower then go sit on the couch in your towel laptop cruising and then when you get cold you take off the towel from your wet hair head and wear it like a cape because you are too lazy to get up and dressed so you are like in this cape slash cave towel creation for a couple hours then your hair air dries all frazzly and then fil comes home to find this prehistoric demented unblinking shivering crazy-eyed thing crouch/huddled up in towels on the couch?

no, just me?