Saturday, October 04, 2008

nuit blaaaaaaaaaaaanche

w/o flash.

this was a pain in the ass to do cos i drew in all the embellishments first, i like how it came out though.

first thing i ate yesterday

last nite we drank pabst in bed and watched tv and ate it was pretty slovenly and lazy and nice, saved our energy for tonite.

so grounded.

pumpkin beer arrived we've been bugging the shit out of our local lcbo for weeks.

it has an HP sauce aftertaste to me ever since the other pumpkin flavoured beer we had, i have to steel myself into thinking it's pumpkin pie tasting.

i might take my cat mask out tonite.

text me if you're out a-wandering, skidfanie is with us.

why my back kills

i feel like bart in that episode of the simpsons when he prays for a snow day to get out of finishing his report, then it snows and lisa guilts him about going out to play in it then they declare it national snow day and all of springfield is out partying away in the winter wonderland.

Friday, October 03, 2008

pre-eye makeup, wearing steph's teeny tiny shirt. i think from now on i'm going to keep dressing like jessica simpson hahahaha:

belly tops are in now right? HEY GUYS I FIT IN. half my shirts are already belly tops, but they didn't begin that way if you know what i mean ok fuck this i'm going out.

do you guys ever have a shower then go sit on the couch in your towel laptop cruising and then when you get cold you take off the towel from your wet hair head and wear it like a cape because you are too lazy to get up and dressed so you are like in this cape slash cave towel creation for a couple hours then your hair air dries all frazzly and then fil comes home to find this prehistoric demented unblinking shivering crazy-eyed thing crouch/huddled up in towels on the couch?

no, just me?

lazy ass inside

i've been up since 9 talking to everyone i can to avoid working so now i am going to blog, get that out of the way so i can focus on my drawrings.

so no one's hard-up for cash in toronto? oh cool that's fine. these are the fliers (it really goes 'til 2am though), all you had to do was stick 'em around some coffee shops and bars. it's alright i can put that 20 toward half a half g of blow so i should be thanking you, really.

KIDDING. these days if i partook i'd jump off a building right after my heart exploded into a million pieces inside me.

fil's irish stew special, it was CRAP, he got the bottom of the pot too.

i shared my souvlaki plate with him. i still felt like eating afterward, almost ordered another meal (totally stress-eatingville) bought pretzels and rented run fatboy run instead. it was kinda meh. oh and the nice glass of red wine i wanted i did not get, i mean i had a glass but it was also blah. fil is v intent on making kilgour's our new locale. i wanted to try dooney's last nite for guaranteed nice wine. next time, next time. we also missed kz, dude next time answer your phone or txt me to stay put!

steph let me rummage through her give away garbage bag.

she has the cutest little nest ever.

all my notes, turns out the idea i came up with for an ad the brand had just placed a similar commercial out, i saw it that nite.

it was fun and who doesn't love money for crap you would normally talk about anyway?

squirrel watch.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

ugh my back

some in progress pieces.

this is based on a painting i had as a kid of a teddy bear floating in a bright blue sky with pink balloons. sold it at a garage sale, i wish i had it now. can't remember the name of the artist.

the vibrancy of the fluorescent paint colours doesn't even register on my camera, it really isn't like looking into the sun as much as it appears in these. almost, but not as much.

rickenbacker for steph, sold.

this demented couch will be painted a beigey/brown, maybe gold.

this guy is sold.

jamie is sold.

restocked on fresh canvases, i feel slightly less stressed than before. i haven't eaten all day i'm waiting for fil to finish some photo editing then we are going out to eat. i feel like greek food and a nice glass of red wine.

my art flickr set.