Friday, October 17, 2008

harroreen <3 <3 <3

i LOVE halloween because i finally broke down fil and we chose that as our anniversary four years ago (though technically were together before that) and you know how much i love fall, so the entire season is just magic to me. i love dressing up, i love visiting costume stores, crinkly leaves chilly air red cheeks and my handsome bf CHEESE EXPLOSION. so without further ado, our visit to malabar today pictures - this year i have decided not to leave it all to the very last minute to smear red paint on my neck and wear an old french maid costume, what am i? i dunno, what the fuck are you?

siiiiigh. how much does his death and halloween costume remind you of the crow and brandon lee?

overheard, "omg that mask like totally reminds me of that nicole kidman movie."

i strongly considered wonder woman.

creepy, why are clowns so goddamn unappealing? i went to a friend's birthday party when i was four and they had two clowns and they scared the shit out of me, but i was too shy a kid at the time to speak up about it. i seriously almost wet myself. they were directing us during a relay race slash obstacle course involving balloons and hula hoops, i remember this one girl nervously said upon it being her turn to cross the gauntlet of crappy activities, "ok, i'll go as long as he doesn't touch me." referring to the dude clown who was helping some of the younger slower kids waddle with balloons squeezed between their legs. AHHA my thoughts exactly. poor stupid clowns. for future reference, don't waste money on a party clown, just get a teenager to help out, your kids will go gaga for a cool youth to hang around their b-day bash, slip the teen a twenty, easy peasy.

hey look it's a sarah palin costume! now all you need is a flute and to be dropped on your head and voila, useless fucking idiot extraordinaire.

i heard that you were talkin' shit and you didn't think that i would hear it

so, not going as arwen for halloween, gwen it is. get ready to see this wig a ton. sass will be my harajuku accessory.

vice did this photo shoot many years ago and everyone had these platinum bobbed wigs and they rented a limo and got fucking tanked, all these hot asian chicks and dirtbags partying away, it was for an article on this hangover pill - anyway, i have coveted a blond wig ever since that shoot. we decided to stray from the arwen/aragorn couple costume cos it was just too expensive for fil, my costume would have been fine, i only needed the head crown see:



oh good morning.

good morning to you too.


much better.

look, it's you!

o'tai, high tea pictures later.

watched the love guru last nite, and as panned as it was, i think we enjoyed it.

oh and what did i tell you guys about bananas?